GBWhatsApp APK Download (April 2022) Anti-Ban

We all nowadays use WhatsApp for our personal reason, to chat, or for business work-related. There is a new WhatsApp launched in the market with the name GBWhatsApp APK which is with the latest version v12.0 and has an anti-ban feature.

From those days when cellphones became the way of communication through messages which made a new revolution and arose to get communication secured. So this made the people create a solution; that’s why WhatsApp came into the market and rose its popularity almost across the world.

More than 1 billion people are using it now.  This article will tell you about GBWhatsApp APK. A sister app of WhatsApp has a lot of features, functions, and a high level of security in it where everyone can communicate with end-to-end encryption.  I want you to read the whole article for the complete and best details.

GBWhatsApp APK doesn’t claim any charge, so you can use it without any stress of paying something. This message APK is an app that is very stunning with WhatsApp features and the best way to impress your friends and colleagues.

What Is GBWhatsApp APK?

It is a similar app to WhatsApp, but this APK was introduced in the market in 2012. By modifying a little with the original one (WhatsApp), he changed the basic code and introduced a new interface. The logo f the original was green, and the modified one’s logo is of gold. It was added with more functionalities and better features,  which we will further discuss in detail. 

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This app uses end-to-end encryption for communicating messages, and you will also find every functionality of the original one in it.

Features In GBWhatsAPP APK Latest Version

The internal structure of this WhatsApp is the same as the original, and it also has the function and features of the original and some other unique features that are not in the original.

Here are the features upcoming with—

Theme Facility

This app allows you to choose and create your own themes.  You can also select the color of fonts, text, buttons, and graphics. The original app doesn’t provide you with this feature. And also, this app has more than 650+ themes, and you don’t have to download it separately.

More Emotes

The original app has emotags that make the communication real.  This app has a lot of collections of emotions that are added with Google Hangouts.  There is a catch only GB users can view it.  If you send the emotags to the one who is using the original, then your sent emotags will not appear.

Hiding Options

The users can hide their online hours and their status from the groups or the people who interrupt.  The original app doesn’t give this facility. This option is available on GBWA.  And this produces new freedom in the domain of encrypted communication.

Advanced File Sharing

The original WhatsApp allows you to share the 16MB file, not more than that, and GBWA will enable you to share the file exceeding up to 50MB, which is always a Convenient download now for users. This advance file Sharing is absent in the original app.


With the new cleaner, you can quickly delete and clear all the unnecessary chats.  And all other extra stuff which you didn’t want.

Recording Status

The GBWhatsApp has another feature: recording status, in that you can easily record the status of others with hiding.

Auto Reply

The GBWhatsApp facilitates Their users with this auto-reply feature; you can set it to send replies to the people you want.  This feature was There in the original app but not for the regular users, and it was there for the business accounts.


The incredible feature of GBWhatsApp is wallpapers. It has unlimited and attractive Wallpaper. Everyone loves to set unique Wallpaper, and this feature provides You with a fantastic set of Wallpaper that you can display on your screen chat.

Fonts & Styles

Everybody Loves to keep different types of styles and fonts, and with this feature, GB WhatsApp has come with. You have a variety of colors, size graphics, fonts, and shapes. And you will love to see the unique features of fonts and styles.


I already told you that you could share files up to 50MB and audios up to 100MB. And the videos are longer than 30 sec. This feature is unique, and it is not in the original app.

These were all the features of GBWhatsApp APK, but the most incredible feature was Wallpaper, and everybody loved this feature. If you still haven’t downloaded the app, go and download it from the link and enjoy its features as it is free; you don’t have to pay.

Download GBWhatsApp APK

App NameGBWhatsApp APK
Android Version4.3 and Above
VersionLatest Version
App size44.3 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Last UpdatedToday

Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version

Download V12.00Download V13.50
Download V13Download V.8.86
Download V14Download V.8.75
Download V.8.20Download V.9.5

How To Install GBWhatsApp On Android Device?

As I mentioned, it is a modified app of the original version. There are some easy and quick methods to install APK.

  1. First download the WhatsApp APK on your android device by simply clicking on the link.
  2. Next,  download it and install it on your device
  3. Now if you want complete backup then go to the original app.  Settings-chats-backup.  And if you don’t want the backup skip this step.
  4. After that,  make a complete backup and wait till all chats are backed up. (skip this step of you don’t want the backup of all chats ).
  5. After that uninstall the original WhatsApp  from the device.
  6. Then install APK WhatsApp which you had downloaded from the link or source.
  7. After that the simple method put numbers get OTP code Enter name after that you are ready to go with.


Is GBWhatsApp APK legal?

The status of legality is a serious question. This app was removed from the play store earlier, but it is still available to download. WhatsApp team members said that this app is illegal and unsafe, and other authorities are still silent on this matter; that’s the way the status of legality is unclear. You can call this app a greylisted, which means that it is neither legal nor illegal.


If you are looking for the app that has the best themes, Wallpaper, fonts, styles, and graphics, you are at the right place and download It from the link. And if you value your security over appearance, then GBWhatsApp won’t be satisfying. This app is mainly for the large file sharing themes and Wallpaper etc. Check out the homepage for more.

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