Voter ID Card Apply Online 2021- Documents Required, Eligibility,

Voter ID Card Apply, which Electors Photo Identity Card ( EPIC)  is calleda photo ID cardwhich is issued to all persons who by Election Commission of Indiawho are eligible to vote. The primary purpose of this card is to improve the accuracy of the electoral roll and help prevent cases of electoral fraud. In additionit also acts as identity proof when a person casts his vote. This card is commonly known by other names like election cardvoter card, voter ID card,  etc.


How to Apply for a Voter ID Card? (How to Apply for Voter ID Card)

 You can apply for your Voter ID through onlineoffline, or semi-online methods. 

Steps For Voter Id Card Apply Online

Citizens can follow the below mentioned method to apply for Voter ID online:

  • First of all, the applicant has to visit the national website of the Election Commission. And click on the National Voters Service Portal.
  • Upon clickingcitizens, a new page will be directed atwhere they apply online for the new voter ID registration  must click on. 
  • The online form will open and applicants have to fill in all the required details. Form  6  is divided into 4 sections and the applicant has to fill all these.
  • After filling in the details, the applicant has to click onSubmit  . 

If they form a complete and later want to finish itso they  save ‘  you can click on if they want to change the detailsso they  reset ”  you can click on. There is an upload button at the top of the formwhich applicants can use to upload all the required documents.

Apart from thisthey will also have to provide a photograph. Once you have uploaded all the documentsthe applicants a reference number will be sent tothrough which they can check the voter ID case.

Offline Voter ID Card Apply Method

If you do not want or can not apply onlineso they can offline application for voter identity cards by following the method went down:
  • First, you have to visit the State Election Office and request Form  6.
  • After filling in the required details and providing all relevant documents like identity proof and address proofcustomers can submit the form to the office and after verification of all the detailscustomers will be issued with election ID after a specified period.

Semi-Online Election ID

You can also apply for a Voter ID card by using the semi-online method. To applythey must:
  • Visit the website of the National Election Commission or State Election Commission and download Form  6.
  • Fill the form with relevant details along with required documents.
  • Submit the form to the election office either by post or in person.
  • MtData Identity Card provided by the applicant only. It is issued after necessary verification of all the documents and details done.

Documents required for Voter ID Card:

While applying for a voter ID cardyou need to submit the following documents:
  1. Identity proof.
  2. address proof.
  3. Photo.
  4. Voter ID Card Eligibility:
  5. In order to apply for/obtain a voter ID cardindividuals must conform to the following criteria:
Applicant’s age should not be less than 18 years.
Howeverapplicants who belong to a specified special category and who are financially insolvent ( even if they are above  18  years) are not eligible to apply for a voter ID card.

Use of Voter ID or Voter ID card

Voter ID card is very useful for every Indian citizen for several reasons:

  1. The card serves as an accepted form of personal identification.
  2. Voter ID card acknowledges that the cardholder is a registered voter.
  3. The card includes several identifying features like the applicant’s signaturephotographfingerprints, etc.which provide additional assurance for the cardholder.
  4. Makes provision (through marking) to prevent the cardholder from voting multiple timesin case of an election.
  5. Voter ID cards can be customized to suit the electoral needs of the low literacy population.
  6. This is especially helpful as a form of identification for voters without a specified address.

Track Voter ID Application Status Online

Citizens can track the status of their application on the website of the State Election Commission. All Indian states have a State Election Commissionwhich means that each state has an official CEO website. On this websiteapplicants can track the status of their voter ID cards.

Track Voter ID Card Apply Status ( Steps Need To Be Follow )

  1. Visit the electoral  EPIC  official website. 
  2. Get to know the status of your application for nomination  Click. 
  3. A separate window will open showing some basic details of the form like Form No.
  4. You can also apply at the national voter service portal and apply the search for your name in the voters ‘list  click. 
  5. When the link opensyou  will get 2 options to track your application 
  • First Option –  Enter Application Number or  EPIC Number and State Number and submit. This will help you to get your EPIC card number. 
  • Second Option – Submit some details to get your Voter ID card status. You have to enter the following details.
  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. gender
  4. state
  5. father’s name
  6. District constituency
Applicants can submit their applications on the National Voters’ Service Portal. You can also use your reference ID to track the status.

How to register for a Voter ID card?

One can register for a voter ID card by following the steps mentioned in the application process. Applicants can register themselves as voters by purchasing Form  6 and filling up the form. This form has to be submitted online or at the electoral offices along with the required documents. 
Once everything is verifiedcustomers will receive their Voter ID by post. Customers are advised to check their Voter ID for mistakes after receiving this document so as to prevent issues later.

Online Voter ID Registration (  online voter registration  )

The online registration process for Voter ID is much simpler and easier than filling up complicated forms and waiting in a queue for hours. An individual can visit the website of the Election Commission of India ( EPIC ) and follow certain steps to apply for a Voter ID card. There are many Indian citizens who are still not aware of this facility. When you choose the traditional method of the application processit is likely that you will later discover spelling or numerical mistakes in Voter ID. Online application is far betterfaster, and a simpler method of application that lets you track the status. 
 Voter ID is a requirement for assembly elections. If you do not have a Voter ID cardyou can follow these instructions for the application process:
  • Visit the website of the National Voters Service Portal
  •  Select Form 6 provided under the option  Form for registration in e-roll ‘  on the left side of the screen 
  • Click on ‘  Apply Online for New Voter Registration under  National Services .
  • Select the name of the state and assembly constituency based on your locality
  • Enter your personal details:
  • Name
  • gender
  • Date of birth
  • birthplace
  • Father’s / Mother’s / Husband’s Name
  • Clue
  • Details of family members (if they already have a voter ID card)
  • Provide a scanned copy of the following documents:
  • Your picture
  • identity proof
  • address proof
  • Enter declaration details:

After editing or  Submit ‘  to continue  Save ‘  Click Once you submit your applicationyou will receive an application reference ID so. You will have to make a note of the ID to track the status of your application. 

You will also receive a text message with the ID for your reference. Depending on your application, the EPIC  representative will be a verification to approve your application.


What to do if your Voter ID card is not received?

If you are a voter identity card or do not have any informationplease follow the steps to check the status:
  • NVSP Online Application Status Portal
  • Enter your reference number for the online application (  obtained while submitting Form  6 )
  • Click on Track Status ‘ 
  • You will see the status of your application
If verification takes the process and your card is not received after the applicationwith you your reference number  DEO  is advisable to go on.

How to Verify Voter ID Card?

You can verify your Voter ID by using your Voter ID number. In case they suspect that their ID is fake or faultythey can always do the verification both online or offline. They have to visit the official website of the Chief Electoral Officer of their state and click on the relevant linkprovide their Voter ID details. 
By doing thisthey can check whether their name is present on the voter list or not. This can also be done offline wherein the customer can repeat the above process at the office of the Election Commission. Customers are also advised to ensure that they have their Application Number which they would have received at the time of applying for their Voter ID, in case they wish to verify certain details at a later date.
ECI provides all the eligible voters a Voter ID Card that contains their details like nameaddress, etc. Is reflected in the number of voters on the electoral roll in the constituencyand also see mistakes in your cardis likely to show them. as well as a list. Individuals who want to improve/change their name on their voter ID card can use some of the formswhich  ECI  is made.

In case your name is incorrectyou will have to fill Form  8 highlighting the corrections made in your Voter ID. This form has to be submitted along with relevant supporting documents to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of your constituency. Once submittedERO will take relevant steps to ensure correction in your Voter ID.

Fake or Real:

Like many other documentsfake or mutilated voter ID cards are quite prevalent in India. These cards have little or no credibility and cannot be used by an individual to cast votes. Howeverthese cards often require personal identification is misused for other purposesfor exampleto buy a SIM card.

The form can be downloaded from the official website of the Election Commission of India or one can request for changes by submitting it online.

Documents Required For Voter Id Card Apply Online

A voter ID card is an efficient and widely accepted form of personal identification in India. It not only provides a feature of casting his vote during the election but also serves as proof of identity and proof of address for various purposes. This card is issued by the Election Commission of India to all eligible voters and has 
  • The following areas are included:
  1. A hologram sticker.
  2. No.
  3. Photo of the cardholder.
  4. Name of the elector/cardholder.
  5. Card holder’s parent’s name
  6. Voter ID card holder’s gender.
  7. Age of elector/cardholder as on date of issue of card
  8. The full residential address of the elector/cardholder is given on the reverse side of the cardalong with the signature of the issuing authority.

Why is this important?

A voter ID card is an important document for Indian citizens for many reasons. some of them are:

Proof of Identity – Voter ID is an important document for Indian citizens as it is a valid form of identity proof. Voter identification cards are accepted in various offices and institutionsrequire personal identification to whomsuch as insurance companiesonline travel companiesgas companiesbanksetc. Mortgage providers like firmsbanks ask applicants to provide Voter ID numbers in order to process their requests.
If you want to cast your vote in any electionso voting – Voter ID card is required. If you hold a valid Voter ID card and your name is present in the voter list of your local areathen you can cast your vote.

Registration in the electoral roll of a non-domicile state – Voter ID. Letter yet to register your name in the voter list of any other state other than your domicile of the state. There is another purpose to be allowed to do. This is especially helpful if a person has migrated from another state and wants to enroll in the electoral list of his/her local area/constituency.

Why should you vote?

Vote each has the right to an Indian citizen and as citizens in a democratic societyvoted to uphold the principles of the rule is necessary. Voting ensures that the leader at the center or state is one who is trusted by citizens and believed to be competent by all citizens. The voting process is done in various phases, from  Panchayat elections to elections held to choose the Prime Minister for the country.
However, in order to votesubscribers must be eligible. In India,  citizens over the age of 18 can vote regardless of caste and gender. In addition, they should also have a voter ID card without which they cannot vote. It is a document that acts as an identity proof as well as a proof of address. Howeverthese cards are not issued to people who are bankrupt or mentally challenged.

Things to Keep in Mind when Applying for a New voter ID

A voter ID card is one of the most important documents required for Indian citizens. Because it enables them to meet their voting fee. Voting is the foundation of a democratic country and it is mandatory for every individual to do so. There are a few things to keep in mind before applying for a Voter ID.
  1. Applicants must be over the age of 18 as it is legally impossible for them to vote otherwise.
  2. They should be of sound mind and should not be bankrupt.
  3. They should fill the relevant form like Form 6 for the application and ensure that they provide the relevant original documents.
  4. Individuals should apply for a Voter ID only through government websites or centers or those that have been approved by the governmentotherwise, they may only get a fake document.
  5. Individuals should ensure that all the details in their application forms are correctsuch as the spelling of their namedate of birth, etc. If it is not corrected in the beginning, then their voter ID will have wrong information printed on it.
  6. Applicants should also ensure that the information is being provided. It is legally correct and not fake.
  7. Once applicants receive their Voter IDthey will examine the document to see whether all the information is correct.

How to vote without a Voter ID Card?

To be eligible to vote in Indiaa person has to register himself as a registered voter. One can either register for the same offline or visit the website of the Election Commission and get registered there. If the person is already a registered voterthen he can vote without a Voter ID card. If the person does not have a voter ID cardthe following list of documents is accepted:
  • Passport
  • driving license
  • Service Identity Card with photograph issued to employees by CentralState GovernmentPublic Sector UndertakingsPublic Limited Companies.
  • Passbook with photograph issued by bank or post office
  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Smart card issued by the Registrar General of India ( RGI)  under the National Population Register
  • Pension order with a photo
  • MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Job Card)
  • Health insurance smart cards issued under the scheme of the Ministry of Labor
  • Know more about Voter ID Cards:
  • Voter ID Status
Once you apply for your voter IDyou can track the easiest and convenient ways to its position. Through the official ECI websitelearn how to track their application status using our helpline via SMS. The need to provide information to track your Voter ID statuslearn about him. Using these methodsyou can find out whether your card is active or is still being processed.

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